Counselling Services


Our counselling programs allow individuals to confide personal and intimate details of their struggles with a professional counsellor. Counselling can be done on an individual or group basis. Counselling is ideal for those that have the time to dedicate to the process, as well as the comfort level to sit and share intimate portraits of their lives.

Counselling Options


This is the opportunity for an individual to meet one on one with a certified counsellor or facilitator to explore the unique challenges he/she experiences with anger. It is typically a weekly session ranging from 50-60 minutes in length. Client shares intimate details of their past and present experiences in order to establish goals for treatment.

Individual Counselling

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Couple counselling allows partners to develop skills and strategies to effectively communicate with each other. They are given the opportunity to see their role in ongoing conflict. Anger management for couples focuses on helping couples establish healthy boundaries and effectively communicate needs and frustrations within the context of a relationship. Couples usually meet once a week for eight sessions.

Couple/Family Counselling

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Phone counselling is when a counsellor and a client discuss by phone the issues of concern. The same ethical boundaries and protocols apply (such as confidentiality). Phone counselling allows clients the flexibility of speaking from anywhere in the country and at any time they find convenient.

Phone Counselling

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Road rage counselling | Forgiveness counselling | Relapse Prevention. Please call in for a quote.

The point of group psychotherapy is to help solve the emotional difficulties and to encourage the personal development of the participants in the group. The therapist (called conductor, leader or facilitator) chooses as candidates for the group or people who can benefit from this kind of therapy and those who may have a useful influence on other members in the group.

Available Groups: Teen/adolescent groups | Women only groups | Men only groups | Mixed group
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