Anger Management FAQ


Anyone who has stress or anger in their life. Anyone who wants to learn new and effective ways of coping with their anger. This may include couples, families or individuals. Whether you are coming in voluntarily or mandated, there’s a place for everyone. This may include: professionals, parents, court mandated individuals, employees, employers, homemakers, spouses, people making major life changes, and just about anyone you know. You will meet people from a wealth of culturally, professionally and socio-economically diverse backgrounds. Previous students have included: DENTISTS, CARPENTERS, AUTO MECHANICS, ENGINEERS, HOMEMAKERS, STUDENTS, PARENTS, MILITARY PERSONNEL, and COURT MANDATED INDIVIDUALS. Anyone with a desire to learn new techniques is welcome.

Everybody gets mad and everybody gets stressed!

Anger and stress are a normal part of modern day life, how you choose to deal with them is up to you. This program will give you the power and practical tools to manage stress and anger in productive and appropriate ways. As a result, you will learn to manage anger and stress instead of it managing you!

Our workshops are usually taught on Saturdays from 9am-5 pm. Sessions are typically scheduled between 9 am -pm, including a half hour break. Attendees will be obligated to participate in four follow up calls from a facilitator after the course. In addition, any future counseling sessions on a one to one basis with a counselor will be discounted for all registered attendees.

Relevant teaching, practical and experiential examples, individual and group assignments. Supportive and loyal professionals to help you through your journey.

The fact that other people trigger you is a sign that you have unresolved issues you need to deal with. Anger is triggered when people touch a sore spot we haven’t dealt with. Yes, they trigger you, and yes, it’s probably best to stay away from people who constantly trigger you. In the meanwhile, consult an Anger Management professional to start addressing the root cause and source of your anger or pain.

If you are completing this course to satisfy a legal or work requirement, it is mandatory for you to complete all eight modules. The eight modules is the standard for any effective and reputable Anger Management treatment. However, for those individuals that are seeking Anger Management services for personal development, you determine how many sessions you want to take, times and the depth of the issues you want to address. Remember, it is our goal to work with you to meet your goals.

We use a variety of templates for our Anger Management letters but for the most part, the content includes your name, particulars, content of the course, and a statement from your counsellor about how he/she feels you have received and applied the information you have gained from the Anger Management course.

No, not at all, you are protected by a privacy Act that prohibits anyone from delving into the issues you address with a professional practitioner in treatment. Mental Health practitioners are bound by confidentiality which necessitates they respect your private matters, and when breached, they can face serious consequences.

We won’t turn anyone away for Anger Management. Everyone is offered an option of some kind. Some of our Anger Management counsellors offer services at reduced fees however, only to a certain amount. For clients that struggle with the affordability of our Anger Management services, we have alternative options like our online groups and others. If you fall into this category, inquire when you call in to our office to see if we have services that can meet your needs.

We try to offer Anger Management services in most major cities. If you live in a remote area and are unable to attend any of our physical locations, we have options such as telephone/ skype Anger counselling or Anger Management online courses available. Inquire when you call in to our office.

We have a variety of options for payment including credit card, online transfers, Cash, or cheque for all our Anger Management services.

We believe the only way people are truly helped by our Anger Management services is if they willingly attend our services. If you have to force or pressure someone to come into Anger Management treatment, chances are they will sabotage the process.