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Corporate Anger Management Training

Are You A Business?

Anger management training is available for all levels of management and supervisory personnel. Having anger management training is key to deescalating conflict in the workplace. Key personnel responsible for the management of staff will gain the necessary skills and strategies to identify and resolve anger related situations in the workplace.

These training events can be done on site, or sponsored at a preferred location.

Conflict Management Training for Businesses

We are a provider of conflict management training specifically designed for workplace issues. Whether issues are big or small, AMRI aims to navigate you through the process effectively and responsibly  resulting in a WIN-WIN for all. We have been providing solutions for conflict management for the last 10 years. We have thrived in both the public and private sector. As the pioneers of organized Conflict Management Training, you can trust our experience and knowledge.
Our team includes psychologists, coaches, trainers, social workers, actors, videographers, script writers and much more. By working with a partner like AMRI, your “people issues” are in good hands. No company can afford to be without our training and support.

Employee Training

Anger training for employees is a valuable resource for any organization. When employees feel safe, and secure, they work better and are more committed to the company’s vision and bottom line. Healthy relationships amongst peers and management play a role in how employees see their long term commitment to the company.
Anger Management training allows employees to better handle conflict and increases communication and ultimately their level of satisfaction with their job. Training may be available for all employees or may be targeted to certain departments or job classifications.

Employment Assistance Programs

Many organizations enjoy having the benefit of having a dependable resource such as ARMI to help them deal with anger and conflict in the workplace. Let us help you be proactive in recognizing the signs of a possibly explosive situation. Our EAP programs allow management to confidentially refer an at- risk employee, as well as permit employees to independently seek our assistance by calling a toll free number. Don’t allow conflict to affect performance and your bottom line. Join our EAP network today.

Assessment For Employees

It is helpful for employers who want to assess the potential of a prospective employee to cause interpersonal conflict at work or whose anger will get in the way of their work. It has been noted most individuals who lose their jobs do not do so because they are incompetent; they do so because they have trouble getting along with peers. Human resource professionals can therefore benefit from having an employee take an anger management assessment. In the long run it can save time, money, and the headache of hiring a potentiality disruptive employee.

Training For Education

Teachers, Counsellors and Professionals Educators cannot intervene and effectively deal with angry students unless they have a competence in these areas of Anger Management. Teachers themselves must model effective anger management techniques.
Our training allows teachers to identify various anger styles and how it is manifested through different personality types in children and teens. Training focuses on helping teachers support students who struggle with anger, and provide them with the skills to walk them through their journey.

Train The Trainer

This training equips an individual with the necessary knowledge to effectively facilitate the anger management course for various groups or organizations.
Many participants in this type of training wish to work with only specific groups. These would include church groups, professional groups, or associations and etc. Although individual seeking this training may not wish to become certified anger management specialist, a substantial amount of training time must be anticipated in order to reach a high level of competence.

Bill 168

ARMI works with employees to solve interpersonal conflicts motivated by workplace anger or aggression. As an employer, you can mandate employees to attend as a result of specific incidents or if you feel individuals are at risk for harmful or aggressive behavior.
When staff and management learn how to move beyond their aggressive and consequently depressive feelings, or the attitudes and expectations of others, to more appropriate ones, their lives take on new meaning and purpose, they become more efficient and productive and work together as a team towards a mutual goal.

Training for Other Professions (Doctor, Lawyers, Engineers, and high stress jobs)