It can be difficult to find an effective and affordable Anger Management programAnger Management Vancouver, British Columbia in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas like Langley BC, Surrey, BC or Victoria. It can be even more difficult to find one that is convenient and timely. Anger Management Resources Inc. is the first of its kind. We specialize exclusively on Anger Management. We provide our training in variety of creative formats so everyone can find a programAnger Management Vancouver, British Columbia that works for them. Men who have anger problems are different from Women who have anger management problems. Younger people who have anger issues differ greatly from adults who have greater issues. If you live in Vancouver and have found yourself in a domestic dispute, have been asked by yourAnger Management Vancouver, British Columbia workplace to attend an Anger management program or you simply can’t stand being angry anymore, you have come to the right place.

We are a fee for service organization so your training will be delivered by professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers and anger management facilitators.  You are guaranteed to acquire at least 4-6 new tools in our anger management program. We can also offer post after care support once you finish your program. Vancouver, British Columbia is one of favorite areas to offer anger management services. Time and time again, our clients tell us how happy they are that they took our programs and regret not having taken it soanger statisticsoner.

We work and partner with lawyers, businesses, schools, correctionalAnger Management Vancouver, British Columbia institutions and other organizations to make sure our services are made accessible and available to all clients in need. If you are an adult over the age of 18, who lives in Vancouver BC, Langley. BC, Surrey BC, Victoria BC or surrounding areas, and believe you can benefit from Anger Management, call or email us @

People who live in Vancouver British Columbia, Victoria, Langley, Surrey and surrounding areas are more than welcome to attend our (1) Day workshops and/or counselling/counseling services. We strategically schedule them on weekends and evenings.