Are you looking for anger management in Newfoundland. Anger Management Resources Inc is now offering (1) Day workshops in the St. John, Newfounldand and sourrounding cities. If you have been mandated to take anger management by the court, or your workplace, or you simply want self development and to become more emotional intelligent, then you have come to the right place. Our workshops and counselling services will help you to do the following;

  • 1. Identify your triggers
  • 2. Gain deeper understanding of the secondary emotions underlying your anger
  • 3. Help you to trace ┬áthe history of any trauma associated with your anger
  • 4. Gain tools to help you manage your anger on a permanent basis

Our Anger Management program is accepted by most courts and workplaces in the Newfoundland. If you have been charged for domestic assault, or a general assault, this prograAnger Stastisticsm will be ideal. If you are having issues with your spouse or children and need support to help you handle conflict and dispute, our program is ideal. We work with schools, correctional insitutions, corporations and other organizations in Newfoundland. Call to find out the next workshop in your city or book your next counselling session. Our counsellors see couples, families or individuals for counselling sessions.