Not very Anger Management program is effective, and not every Anger Management program address the deeper issues that lie beneath the Anger. Our Anger Management programs in Saskatoon are designed to help you overcome  your Anger permanently. We help you  to get in touch with feelings and triggers that drive your Anger. Our programs are offfered in counselling formats or in a workshop format.   Many people believe they only have an anger program if they are breaking things or physically assaulting poeple. Anger goes way beyond these things. Infact, most people have an anger problem and find ways of masking it through overworking, over drinking, over drugging, over eating …etc. We use other things to stuff our anger even deeper and deeper. The consequences can be either deeper emotional problems or physical sicknesses such as stroke, heart attacks, indigestion and so forth. It is important you deal with your anger issues once and for all.  WIthout consciously addressing your anger problem, it just gets worse and worse.

We have anger Management specialists who can help you. You dont have to do this alone. Whether you are looking for a 1 Day workshop, telephone or face to face counselling, we wil customize a program to suit  your needs.

statistics on Anger

  • If you are a couple who have Anger problems we can help
  • If your children frustrate you causing you to lose control by doing or saying things you later regret, we can help
  • Perhaps you have road rage, we can help
  • Perhaps, it none of these and you have a unique relationship with anger that is not healthy, we can help
  • If you live in Saskatoon, Regina, St.Albert, Moose Jaw, Lloyd Minster, Yorkton or other nearby city, we can find the program best suited for your needs.