There are so many stigmas attached to Anger. In fact, many people are angry that they are angry. Instead of respecting and affirming their anger, they use it to destroy themselves and others.  The truth is that Anger can be your hero or your zero. It can be your deliverer, or your devour. You decide. Anger Management Resources takes a different approach to Anger Management. Our goal is to help you respect your Anger, confront it and use it towards progression and productivity. If you have been involved in a domestic dispute, violent altercation, requested to take Anger Management by your employer or simply looking to be a happier person, you have come to the right place.

Our workshops and counselling programs have the same content and the curriculum is based on the same information. The difference between the two is the length of time for the program as well as the individualized plan for treatment. Simply put, both programs will help you gain better control of your anger and better control of your life overall.

statistics on AngerCheck in weekly to find out what we are doing in Ottawa, workshop times and locations. Our Anger Management classes in Ottawa are usually scheduled on a monthly basis. If you check into our main page, under Featured workshops and request a location under Ontario, all locations in Ottawa will display.