Do you live in Ottawa Ontario?  Have you been experiencing loss of control with your anger? Are you losing relationships, opportunities or your peace of mind?  You are not alone. Anger Management Resources  Inc  specializes in offering tailor made anger management programs.  Whether you are attending classes voluntarily or being mandated by court or your employer, this will be a life changing experience. The most famous comment by our attendees is ” I should have taken this so long ago… I don’t know why I waited so long”.   Our organization has one guarantee for every client.. ” You will not be the same after attending our courses”.

Our programs are ideal for court mandated clients or people simply looking for self development. We offer our courses in a variety of formats including workshops, counselling or groups. Call to inquire if we have a program to suit your learning style, availability and affordability. Our services include;

  • One Day workshops
  • Individual Counselling in person
  • Individual Counselling by phone
  • Seasonable group sessions


Court Approved. Spouse Approved. Certificate Granted