Is your Anger gettting  out of control? Are you struggling in relationships or even at work. You never thought it would be you! Don’t worry, you are not the first and you wont be the last. Anger is a very powerful emotion and people find themselves saying and doing things they never thought they would do.  If you have found yourself in a criminal situation over a domestic dispute or mandated by your workplace to take a course, or perhaps your partner is threatening to leave you.  It is not a hopeless situations. Our programs are life changing. You will learn the foundations of Anger Management and you will get tools to get you back in control.

We have created these services specificially in Fredericton to help individuals and families who need help with Anger. We will offer ongoing services in the context of workshops or counselling. Our 1 Day workshops are ideal for those who don’t have time or attention span to commit to ongoing counselling. Our counselling services are ideal foanger statisticsr those who are looking to do more intensive work and finalize any trauma that has been holding them back from moving on with life. This  is a serious course and whethert you are doing it for court or personal development, you are guaranteed to be changed by it.

What’s available in your city?

  • One (1) Day workshops
  • Individual Counselling in person
  • Individual Counselling by phone
  • Seasonal Groups