Anger Management Ajax now  offers classes!  If you are looking to take an anger Management courses in Ajax for self development, for court or work, you have come to the right place.

AMRI’s Anger Management course is not like any other course. Our courses are all taught by Registered practitioners.  Our goal during these workshops is to give all our clients at least four to six new tools they can start using. Most individuals who struggle with Anger have a negative perception of anger and therefore don’t realize that Anger can be used creatively and constructively within relationships. We help our clients dissolve any myths and misunderstandings about Anger.

Our courses are co-ed mixed group of men and women over the age of 16. If you have been told or requested to take Anger management in Ajax or if you are looking for a credible resource to access Anger Management professionals on an  ongoing basis, give us a call.

Log here to access our next Anger Management workshops in Ajax, Ontario. In addition, one day courses, we also offer individual counselling, telephone counselling and at time group counselling depending on area. We accept most insurance plans for our counselling services.

If you believe you can benefit from Anger Management counselling, don’t hesitate. Call our offices and speak to our intake coordinator @ 1-866-503-7454