Thank you for taking time out to take this Anger Management Questionnaire. This tool is designed to inform you of your Personal Anger Style which are all listed below. To use this questionnaire, simply look at the question you answered Yes to, and then look at the number associated with the question. For example, if you answered yes to 20 and 21, you most likely exhibit Excitatory Anger.

Each set of three questions describes a separate anger style, specifically

  • 1-3: Anger avoidance
  • 4-6: Passive Aggression
  • 7-9: Paranoia
  • 10-12: Sudden Anger
  • 13-15: Shame Based Anger
  • 16-18: Deliberate Anger
  • 19-21: Excitatory Anger
  • 22-24: Habitual Anger
  • 25-27: Moral Anger
  • 28-30: Resentment Hate

Anger avoidance

1. I try never to become angry. Yes No
2. I get really nervous when others become angry. Yes No
3. I feel I am doing something bad when I become angry. Yes No

Passive Aggression

4. I often tell people I’ll do what they want but then frequently forget. Yes No
5. I frequently say things like “Yeah, but …..” and “I’ll do it later. Yes No
6. People tell me I must be angry but I’m not certain why they say that. Yes No


7. I frequently become jealous, even when there is no reason. Yes No
8. I don’t trust people very much. Yes No
9. Sometimes I feel as if people are out to get me. Yes No

Sudden Anger

10. My anger comes on really fast. Yes No
11. I act before I think when I become angry. Yes No
12. My anger goes away quickly. Yes No

Shame Based Anger

13. I become angry when people criticize me. Yes No
14. People say I’m easily hurt and oversensitive. Yes No
15. I become angry easily when I feel bad about myself. Yes No

Deliberate Anger

16. I become angry in order to get what I want. Yes No
17. I try to fight others with my anger. Yes No
18. I sometimes pretend to be very angry when I really am not. Yes No

Excitatory Anger

19. Sometimes I become angry just for the excitement or action. Yes No
20. I like the strong feelings that come with my anger. Yes No
21. Sometimes when I’m bored I start arguments or pick fights. Yes No

Habitual Anger

22. I seem to become angry all the time. Yes No
23. My anger feels like a bad habit I can’t break Yes No
24. I get mad without thinking – it just happens Yes No

Moral Anger

25. I become very angry when I defend my beliefs and opinions. Yes No
26. I often feel outraged about what other people say and do. Yes No
27. I always know I’m right in an argument. Yes No

Resentment Hate

28. I hang onto my anger for a long time. Yes No
29. I have a hard time forgiving people. Yes No
30. I hate many people for what they’ve done to me. Yes No