Christina Campbell

ChristinaChristina was born in Trinidad and was educated in Venezuela. From a very short age, Christina had the dream of helping others.
During the process of getting her medical degree at the Orient University of Venezuela and working as a medical doctor, she realized that she was interested in obtaining further studies in regard to human behaviour especially in human sexuality.
Christina completed a master in clinical sexology from the Psychiatric, Psychology, and Sexology Research Center in Venezuela. Christina also completed a 2 years programme in Group Dynamic also in Venezuela from the International Association of Specialist in Social Dynamic and the Investigation Centre and Study of Social Dynamic.
As she moved to Canada, she completed a Masters in Social Work in Ontario and offers counselling in English and Spanish.
She believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship in which the understanding of the person experience without any judgment, bias, expectation, or comparison may encourage the client to engage in self-exploration and self-expression. Christina believes that people are creative, resilient, persistent and courageous. People have the resources and the capacity to overcome difficult situations; they decide for themselves what they want in life.
“It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried.” – Carl Rogers
She views herself as someone in a collaborative and helping relationship with the client who goes through a process of personal growth, acknowledging their strengths and working toward a desired future while taking responsibility for their progress.
Christina has experience working with individuals, couples and groups. Christina is a member of Prince Edward Island Association of Social Workers, the Canadian Association of Social Worker, the American College of Sexology, and the Venezuelan Society for Medical Sexologists